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Orphans need your help, a small donation can give them a great opportunity.
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Share Sales

Come join us twice a year for the Share Sales, to gather funds for the Foyer Pierre du Pauvre, an orphanage in Togo.

Share Concerts

Musician or music lover? Come to the Share Concerts taking place every year, and help the Share School while having fun!

Running side by side

Special event! The Share School is organizing this year a run to raise funds. Come join us on Sunday, October 7th!

Upcoming: Running side by side

Running side by side's goal is to gather funds for an orphanage in Togo called Foyer Pierre du Pauvre. Come join us for this event on Saturday, October 7th, at 10am!

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A donation of at least 10€ per person is required.

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Information On the Share School

25 years go, the catechist team of the Catholic Community of Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel, under the leadership of Martine Nivard, wished to create a sense of Sharing among the children of the community, through a concrete project. Contact between the catechist team and a Franciscan priest, founder of the orphanage « La pierre du pauvre »  in Kara, Togo, allowed to quickly shape the project.

Through their effort, children can, throughout the school year, send money directly to the orphanage. They organize bakesales, concerts, plays, runs, and various other events.

Several of these events allow children and teenagers to see how their participation contribute to improve the life of those orphans. When, in their school's courtyard, they buy a piece of cake for 1 €, they offer meals for a Togolese child for 2 days (lunch and dinner).

The help provided by the Catholic Community allowed the orphanage to gain more structure:

- The first orphanage home in Kara has dormitories, canteens, nursery, computer room, library, administration, kitchen and more. It is home for teenagers from the age of 11 to 18 who either go to secondary school or another learning center created by the orphanage. In the learning center, teenagers learn with qualified workers their future job: masonry, carpentry, refrigeration, sewing, welding, hairdressing, mechanics…

- The second orphanage home in scrubland, 15 kilometers away, is the home of children from the age of 4 to 10. They are isolated from the city's agitation in order to build back their self-confidence with their new family. The second orphanage home has the same infrastructure as the first one, with more supervisors for canteen, healthcare, everyday life… and a school in scrubland with primary school courses and professors paid by the Togolese state.

The Share School addresses, each month, money for food, staff wages and tuition and healthcare fees. There are no holidays at the orphanage and, for instance, money from Share School sales in June is required to prepare the start of classes in September.


"The Share School not only allows
orphans to receive, it allows us to give."
France Briand, President of the Share School
We send €1800 each month in order
to feed and educate these orphans.
Christiane Saunier, Treasurer of the Share School
Through Running side by side, you will be
saving lives without even realizing it
Jean Clavero, Website Designer for Share School